iHeal Wellness Center

Heal The Mind Heal The Body Heal The Soul 
Address: 32623 Alvarado Blvd Union City, CA 94587

Week Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

Systems Dysfunction Assessment (SDA)

You Will Receive A Comprehensive Health History, 

A Systems Dysfunction Assessment, & 

A guide to healing losing weight and maintaining by becoming Your Own Health Coach.

Plus15 Minute One-On-One Consultation With The Doctor. 

Integrated Urinalysis Panel 

The Integrated Urinalysis screens for nutritional stress provides clinical clues to how hard your body is fighting to maintain balance; providing you with a personal health and wellness roadmap to reverse chronic illness and restore normal leading you to your weight loss goals.

Customized Nutrition Report of Finding (ROF)

We Will Collect All The Data From SDA, IUP, And A Thorough E/M We Will Figure Out Why You Have Gained The Weight; Moreover, We Will Provide You With A Way To Break All Of The Bad Habits That Got You To Where You Areā€¦ Overweight And Needing Your Help!

Nutrition in a Box

After Reviewing Everything You Will Receive A Detailed Nutrition List And A Plan Of Action With Purchase Of Supplements.

Weight Loss Program Pain Relief Quit Smoking Stress Relief Heal The Mind Heal The Body Heal The Soul