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Why you should do the Urinalysis

Have you struggled with a chronic?

Do you have long-standing and complicated health problem?

Have you consulted numerous healthcare specialists and clinics, yet no one has given you a lasting treatment plan?

Are you tired of being prescribed costly prescriptions that merely provide temporary relief of symptoms (at best) and cause other side effects?

Are your symptoms negatively affecting the quality of your life?


The Integrated Urinalysis screens for nutritional stress provides clinical clues to how hard your body is fighting to maintain balance; providing you with a personal health and wellness roadmap to reverse chronic illness and restore normal: You’ll receive a test report to answer these vitally important health questions:

How is your body using the food/fuel you give it?

Are you adequately digesting the food you eat?

Are you absorbing the nutrients properly?

Are you experiencing nutritional deficiencies?

Are you getting rid of the body’s waste properly?

What is body holding on to and what the body is throwing away?

How is body struggling to maintain normal function?

Where are you deriving energy from?

What price is your body paying to stay normal?

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