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Let Food Be Thy Medicine



BEFORE: 230 lbs Size 16

AFTER: 185 lbs Size 8

Dr. Reema Zereh B.S., D.C.

Dr. Reema Zereh B.S., D.C. Has been a Wellness Practitioner for over 15 years and has struggled with weight issues most of her life. 

At the age of 5 she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and received steroid injections for 5 consecutive years; 

subsequently,  at the age of 12-13 she suffered from chronic insidious ear infections and was prescribed antibiotics for 12 month.

This lead to years of suffering from additional debilitating health issues.  

Determined to heal herself she put together a Wellness Program that not only help her lose weight but helped her regain her health!

Her Amazing Transformation peaked the curiosity of many people who were wondering what she was doing. In order to help her patients she decided to share her program with others who are suffering.

Within a few month of sharing, she noticed that this Program was very effective in helping her patients achieving their goals!

Answer These Questions:

1.  Are You Between The Age Of 35-55?

2.  Are You Tired Of Being Fatigued And Overweight?

3. Do You Have Difficulty Losing Or Gaining Weight?

2.  Puzzled About The Cause Of Your Health Issues?

3. Do You Need Help Figuring Things Out?

If The Answer To The Above Question Is YES, 

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We Will Follow Up With An Email So You Can Access Our 

Unique Systems Dysfunction Assessment (SDA) 

As A Thank You We Are Giving You SDA (value $250) A Guide To Healing, & Maintaining Weight Loss By Becoming Your Own Health Coach. 

Become Your Own Health Coach Through This Guide.

You Can Use It As A Foundation To Understanding Your Body & Its Needs.  This Is Your Journey & We Are Here To Guide You On Your Path To Healing & Weight Management.


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Here At iHeal Wellness Center We Use Unique Methods & Offer Specialized Tools/Test 

To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Systems Dysfunction Assessment (SDA)

Integrated Urinalysis Panel (IUP)

Customized Treatment Plan (Chiropractic, Laser Therapy, S.E.R.T.)

Nutrition Therapy (Supplements) 

3 Reasons Why Doctor Supervised Program Works

1.  Proper weight loss is to loss the right amount of fat.  80% of results is due to accountability.
Healthy weight loss is tricky:  
Are you losing fat or muscle mass?  Are you losing the right amount of fat?

2.  By taking a comprehensive medical history (SDA),  we can provide the most appropriate and effective treatment plan to support your weight loss. Moreover, 70% of decision making comes from labs (IUP) by performing a combination of the SDA & IUP we can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

3. According to Michele Olson, PhD, professor of physical education and exercise science at Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama “As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 % diet and 25% exercise."
A combination of high quality supplements, healthy protein, organically grown vegetables and fruits we can decrease the risk of diseases and lead you to achieve your weight loss goal and  and maintain healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Each person is unique; therefore,  each person’s result will be different. 

We Are Self-Healing Entities 

but Self-Healing Does Not Always Happen

What Keeps Us From Self-Healing?

  • Is it the stress of physical traumas?
  • Are we In survival mood? Is is the stress of every day life? Is it the stress of the past? 
  • Are we getting the right nutrition? Are we digesting properly? Are we defecating? 

Is the food building toxins in our system? 
Is the food we eat poisoning us?

How Can We Help You?

We May Help You Achieve A State Of Homeostasis by Balancing You


 Physically Emotionally & Nutritionally  

WITH OUR UNIQUE APPROACH We Will Try To Take You From Sympathetic Mood into Parasympathetic Mood By:

  1. Re-Align - Adjusting The Spine By Removing Interference From The Nervous System 
  2. Re-Boot - Therapy To Heal The Emotional Component 
  3. Re-Set - Re-set The HPA Axis with Nutritional Support

Once We Switch The Body From Survival Mood To Healing Mood

This Should Activate Body's Self-Healing/Self-Regulating Ability

IUP A Guide To Your Health & Wellbeing
What Is Making You Ill 
(Integrated Urinalysis Panel
Information Only)

9/9/9 Doctor Supervised 
Weight Loss Challenge
(Information & 9 Day Supplement 
2 One-One Visit with the Doctor)

9/9/9 Weight Loss Challenge

6 Week Doctor Supervised 
Weight Loss Program
(Information & 42 Day Supplement
9 One-One Visit with the Doctor)

A New You in 6 Weeks
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